Syrian fighter arrested in connection with Kundby’s ‘jihad girl’

Shifa Rahaman
January 15th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

The 15-year-old referred to the older “Arabic looking” man as her “best friend” on social media

The 15-year-old resident of Kundby who appeared in court on January 14 on charges relating to the possession of explosives and terrorist activity may have been radicalised after she started dating an older Syrian fighter.

Love gone wrong
BT reports that the 15-year-old’s former roommate reported seeing pictures of the girl’s new boyfriend on social media.

It seemed that she changed after she started dating him. I don’t know him, but he looked much older,” she told TV Øst.

The roommate also said she believed the girl and older man of “Arabic appearance” were lovers.

The roommate described the girl as an “ordinary teenager” who gave no indication in person that she was radicalised.

“I think it’s completely insane. She was very quiet and calm. None of us saw this coming,” she told BT.

Best friend
The man in question, meanwhile, is suspected to be the same one who recently made an appearance at a court in Holbæk in connection with the case.

It is known that he travelled to Syria, where he learned how to use weapons. He also called for jihad on his Facebook profile. He has been to prison previously – on charges relating to violence and robbery.

The 15-year-old girl uploaded onto Facebook pictures of a masked man, believed to be the same one, who several people familiar with Syrian fighters recognised as a known jihadist. She called the man her “best friend” in the pictures.


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