BUFF – Film Festival

BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö. With the aim to screen good films for children and young people as well as adults. A meeting place for people working with children, young people and film.

The film festival is organized during the second week of March from 14 – 19. To check the feature movie listing – see here for the data and timings.

In Malmö you may experience the alternative borough Möllevången with, pubs, bars and cultural scenes, the beach at Ribersborg with the beautiful Kallbadhuset (a bath built in 1898, where you may enjoy saltwater swimming as well as a coffee), the western harbor where you find Turning torso, the highest residential building in Europe and a nice boardwalk by the waterfront and the outdoor pubs and restaurants at Lilla Torg and shopping for everyone.

The city of Malmö is currently investing to develop the film area – within film- & TV production, fiction tourism and much more. To read more about the space and their activities – click here