Danish royals rushing headlong into the 21st century

Ad for a digital communications officer to work with the monarchy has created speculation that the queen may be tweeting soon

The Danish royals have repeatedly rejected suggestions that they join the social media revolution on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but there are indications they may have changed their minds.

Lene Balleby, the communications director for the Royal Family, has repeatedly stated that Denmark’s premier family have no plans to take part in social media and were content with the website kongehuset.dk.

While there has been no announcement that Prince Henrik has set up an Instagram account yet, the royals are advertising for a digital communications officer to focus particularly on the Royal Family’s website and “other electronic activities”.

The right person for the job, according to the recruitment agency Hartmann, will be someone with “relevant journalistic/communication training” who “has worked professionally with social media”.

Will 140 words be enough
Queen Margrethe has oft been quoted as saying she does not own a mobile phone and is “computer illiterate”.

The Swedish and Norwegian royal families, on the other hand, are both on Twitter. The Swedish royals also have an Instagram account. Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit has her own Twitter profile, and Swedish Princess Madeleine is active on Facebook.

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For those who have always dreamed of working for the Royal Family, the job listing is here, in Danish. Applications must be received by February 3.