Randers wants pork served at all daycare centres

Municipal politicians request Danish food traditions play a central role on the menus at local institutions

Municipal councillors in Randers will vote today on a proposal concerning the ideal meal plan for local daycare institutions, reports TV2.

Representatives of Dansk Folkeparti and Venstre are proposing that Danish food traditions, including pork, must play a central role on the menus of public daycare institutions.

Last October, the Jenumparken daycare centre in Randers decided to stop serving pork for lunch to reflect the preferences of many children with a non-Danish background.

Likely to pass
This move has caused a heated debate among municipal councillors who decided to take it upon themselves to choose what children at daycare centres  should eat for lunch.

DF and Venstre hold a majority on the municipal council and are likely to pass the proposal.

The opposition argues each daycare centre should be free to create its own meal plan.

The proposal does not state how often pork should be served – just that it has to be put on an equal footing with other produce.