SAS cancels 766 flights

Pilot shortages forcing airline to cancel a clutch of spring flights

Scandinavian airline SAS has cancelled 766 flights scheduled between the beginning of February and mid-May due to a lack of pilots to fly the planes. The cancellations will affect over 10,000 passengers who have already booked their tickets.

The cancellations are due to a lack of pilots at SAS subsidiary Cimber.

“It is a challenging process to hire and train pilots for Cimber,” SAS press officer Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen told “It has proven to be more time-consuming than expected, but we hope to have everything sorted by mid-May.”

Northern routes affected
The cancellations will mainly affect weekend departures on northern European routes.

SAS transferred pilots over to Cimber when it took over the company in early 2015, but the parent company needed to put the pilots back on its own routes and the training of new pilots took longer than expected.