As darkness falls across the land, International House is close at hand

Too busy at work or with your studies to get your paperwork sorted – now you have no excuses!

By Night’ might sound like a cheesy 1980s horror film – a sequel to ‘Cat People’ perhaps – but it is in fact the result of a brainwave at International House Copenhagen that is mainly aimed at internationals and newly-arrived students.

When it comes to getting a Danish CPR number, many of us find out the hard way that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, particularly when we have to work or study during the hours made immortal by Dolly.

Open for seven nights
Accordingly, from next Monday, for seven full evenings (4-6 pm, Jan 25-27 and Feb 1-4), International Citizen Service (ICS) at International House Copenhagen will be opening its doors to enable you to fast-track your logistical needs, whether it’s getting that all-important number or finding out more about opportunities to enrich your life here in Copenhagen.

What’s more, By Night is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with fellow internationals, listen to a few tunes and enjoy some snacks and beverages. As well as stands promoting various activities in the city, there will also be places serving food and coffee as the fun spills out into the rear forecourt.

Don’t miss out!
According to one of the organisers, Alev Vural from International House Copenhagen, this is an evening not to miss out on.

“Take your fellow foreign classmates by the hand and use this event as an excuse to get to know each other, as well as making new friends from your university,” she told the Weekly Post.

“It can be a bit boring spending long periods of time in the waiting room on a regular day, but this way no time is wasted.”