Police and educators speak out about cannabis problem in Odense

Drug dealers are using flyers and text messages to target young people

Young people at educational institutions in Odense are increasingly being contacted by drug dealers trying to sell them cannabis, sometimes via flyers and text messages, DR reports.

Pupils at Tietgen Handelsgymnasium have been offered cannabis for sale via these ‘marketing’ techniques, and Torben Vangsted, the head of the drug treatment centre Behandlingscenter Odense, sees drug dealing specifically targeting young people at schools as a general problem in the city.

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Difficult to police
According to Kim Dyhr Laursen, a policeman regularly on patrol on Funen, officers encounter many difficulties stopping the dealers.

“We are aware there is a substantial problem, and that it’s taking place over the whole city,” he said.

“We need to prove that a transaction has taken place, and that can be difficult unless we are watching all the time. It is very time-consuming. In addition, it can be legally difficult to get permission to tap telephones.”

Tietgen Handelsgymnasium is involving parents, student bodies and the drug advice and treatment service Center for Misbrug in educating young people about the problems associated with drug use.