Police warn people to stay away from Odense Harbour

A fire, which broke out just after midnight, is in the process of being extinguished at Odense Harbour

Funen Police are asking people to stay away from the area in and around Odense Harbour.

Heavy smoke 
A fire broke out on a large scrapheap just after midnight last night and has led to the area being engulfed in smoke.

No casualties have been reported, and while the fire hasn’t been completely extinguished, it is under control, reports BT.

However, Funen Police is warning people to stay away as the smoke in the area is still very thick.

“There is heavy smoke in connection with the firefighting operation. The smoke is blowing in a northeasterly direction towards Fynsværket and Bågø haveforeningen beside Odense Fjord,” a police spokesperson said.

People who live in the area have been evacuated by the police.

“There is currently no specific time-frame regarding when the fire will be completely extinguished. Please stay away from the area until the fire is out,” the police advised.