More immigrant men being tried for rape in Denmark

Study reveals men with non-Western background are three times as likely to commit sexual assaults

Men of non-Western background living in Denmark are much more likely to commit acts of rape and sexual assault than ethnic Danes, reveals a new study from Danmarks Statistik.

Non-Western immigrants and their descendants were on the receiving end of 20.4 percent of all convictions handed out for crimes such as rape, indecent exposure and molestation – a shockingly high percentage considering they make up only 7.2 percent of the Danish population.

This means men with non-Western background are three times more likely to commit sexual crimes than ethnic Danes, reports Berlingske.

High-profile cases
Following the events in Cologne, two cases of rape committed by immigrants in Denmark have sparked discussion in the Danish media about this disproportionate representation.

Last September, a Pakistani man brutally raped an 18-year-old student after he forced himself on her as she was trying to let herself into her dormitory room.

The man raped the girl repeatedly for 70 minutes and also stole her iPhone.

A witness called the police who arrested the man on the spot.

Pleading not guilty
The offender has been in custody since and denies the accusation. If convicted, he faces expulsion, reported EkstraBladet.

Another case from November 2015, involves a 43-year-old man from Rwanda, who is charged with the rape of a 39-year-old woman he previously had a relationship with.

He was arrested on November 26 and remains in custody.

He has also pleaded not guilty.