Twitter war over asylum bill, as Danish MPs accuse each other of spreading false information

The first shots have been fired in a feud between leading politicians from Radikale and Venstre

A virtual war has broken out between supporters and opponents of the government’s controversial asylum rules on Twitter, with politicians blaming each other for the hit Denmark’s reputation has taken internationally.

Brought it on yourselves
Sofie Carsten Nielsen, the foreign spokesperson for Radikale, has opined to TV2 that the government had brought this on themselves, saying that they couldn’t expect to implement such “scare campaigns” and expect the world not to take notice.

This caused the justice minister, Søren Pind (V), to take to Twitter in criticism.

“This view is a clear extension of the subversive activities of the party [Radikale]  in the European Parliament,” he wrote.

Pind also exchanged further tweets with Radikale MEP Morten Helveg Petersen in which he accused him of spreading false information.

The foreign minister, Kristian Jensen (V), also accused Danish EU parliamentarians of similar misdemeanours on Sunday, saying they bore a part of the blame for Denmark’s bad publicity abroad.