TV this Week: How Denmark’s first family of Olympus met

Pick of the Week: Mary: The Making of a Princess
K4, Thu 20:00

Strewth mate, that was quicker than Prince Frederik crossing a bridge – it only seemed like yesterday that we were laughing about the proposed telemovie of the Crown Prince Couple’s romance, and here it is thanks to K4.

Apparently it’s not terrible. And let’s face it: inaccuracies and embellishments pretty much come with the territory.

Will Danish historians ever verify that their future queen’s first words to their king were: “I’m Mary from Tassie, who wants margaritas?” or that the queen’s first question to her future daughter-in-law was: “Do you like The Lord Of The Rings? I illustrated the Danish edition of books.”

The producers promised the “real unpolished story” and even the Guardian thought it was half-decent for a night on the sofa with the hankies.
And no we’re not talking about the skinny-dipping scene. (NØ)


Also new:

DR2, Tue 20:45 Tyke Elephant Outlaw
DR2, Tue 20:45 Tyke Elephant Outlaw


Acclaimed doc Tyke Elephant Outlaw performs an unofficial inquest into what caused a circus elephant to go berserk and kill its trainer in front of thousands of spectators in 1994.

Tyke terrorised Honolulu before bowing out in true King Kong style, gunned down like the big ape by the American authorities.

It’s a moving work that raises questions about the way humans interact with other species.

100-Year-Old Drivers are a different species. There’s currently 200 of them on the streets of Britain, and it’s frightening viewing at times. “It’s exhilarating going fast,” claims Mary Walker, 100. “People who drive slowly – they frustrate you.”

Talking of frustration, the subject of Game Music (SVT2, Sat 20:10) might make you subliminally doomed to failure. How many times have we died to the music of Nobou Vematsu, the composer of Final Fantasy? His body count makes Ennio Morricone look like a choirboy.

Elsewhere, new husband-murdering Danish TV series Black Widows (TV3, Thu 21:00) sounds saucy; Swedish Gladiators (SVT4, Sat 20:00) will be sweaty; the Screen Actors Guild Awards a tad sentimental; hip-hop fashion doc Fresh Dressed downright snappy; and tuberculosis doc The Forgotten Plague a scary wake-up call. (BH)


Coming soon: Recovery Road

The flat looks a bit clean for a recovering addict's
The flat looks a bit clean for a recovering addict’s


On Monday, the world was introduced via Hulu to an American drama centered around teen substance abuse recovery, aptly titled Recovery Road.

Starring Jessica Sula as Maddie Graham, a teenager submitted to a rehab center, this series is sure to bring tears to our eyes.

With a Metacritic score of 70, it has been popular with critics.

“The plots travel in expected directions, and you won’t mistake this brightly lit show for something on AMC, but there’s sincerity and some grit to Recovery Road,” said Variety. (DD)


Sport of the week:

(top right: YouTube - top left: Pioeb - bottom: James E Foehl)
(top left: YouTube; top right: Pioeb; bottom: James E Foehl)

With the FA Cup taking over – could Derby vs Man Utd (K6, Fri 20:55) be Van Gaal’s last game? – the La Liga top two clash is this weekend’s top game. Miss Leicester City vs Liverpool in the EPL at your peril though. Elsewhere, the Australian Open (Eurosport) and X Games (DR3) continue and we’ve got the Pro Bowl, the NFL all-star game. (BH)


Film of the week:


Mr Mystique, Terrence Malik, has become Mr Mundane and To the Wonder is no wonder at all. Pacific Rim is likewise an off-day for Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is one best forgotten. Compliance (DR3, Thu 22:00) is decidedly creepy and Hall Pass (K5, Tue 21:00) is worth an admission for Stephen Merchant’s post-credits salvo. (BH)