More police errors in Copenhagen terror case

Two suspects were allowed to be together in the same cell for over a month

Two suspects in the Copenhagen terror case were allowed to be in the same cell in Politigården’s jail in Central Copenhagen from late December 2015 until January 26. Copenhagen Police only became aware of the error two days ago and moved one of the prisoners.

The error was discovered during the the investigation of the ‘mobile case’ involving terror suspects being able to get access to mobile phones – with one of them actually being active on Facebook while he was sitting in prison

“An untenable situation”
Søren Pind, the justice minister, called access to the phones “an untenable situation that suspects in a terrorism case are apparently able to communicate with the outside world.”

Five suspects were arrested in the period between 15 February and 20 March, and charged with complicity in attempted murder in connection with the Copenhagen terrorist attack last February.