Danish woman arrested at Athens International Airport with 5.1 kg of cocaine

She is suspected of being part of a large drugs ring linking Asia with the European market

The Foreign Ministry confirmed today that a 46-year-old Danish woman has been detained at Athens International Airport. This follows reports that circulated on Saturday that a Dane had been caught at the airport with 5.1 kg of cocaine in her luggage.

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CNN Greece reported yesterday that the woman arrived in the Greek capital’s airport aboard a flight from Dubai with the drug contained in capsules concealed inside socks in her luggage.

The Greek police are reported to suspect the woman’s involvement in a large drugs ring that smuggles narcotics from Asia to the European market.

Due to its duty of confidentiality, the Foreign Ministry has not disclosed further details than that the arrest has taken place and that the woman will be offered consular assistance by the Danish embassy in Greece.