‘Adopt-a-Dane Foundation’ going viral

Idi Amin would have been proud

Denmark’s bashing in the media over its plans to confiscate jewellery from refugees hasn’t gone unnoticed in Africa. And neither has the country’s increasing lack of regard for its elderly … apparently.

At first glance it looks like the Adopt-A-Dane Foundation (AADF) is drawing inspiration from Ugandan dictator Idi Amin’s ‘Save Britain Fund’, a national fundraiser launched in the central African country in early 1974 to help the UK out of its economic difficulties.

The AADF video is appealing to Africans to save elderly Danes from having to see out their final days in their home country.

“Many elderly Danes write on Facebook that too much money is being sent to Africa instead of being spent on the elderly,” explains AADF founder Jackson Nouwah on the video.

We knew we had to do something.”

All for a good cause
But just like Amin’s campaign, the video is not serious but satirical.

It has been co-produced by radio station DR-P3 and the aid organisation Danmarks Indsamling (DKI) as part of a week-long series to raise awareness of aid issues in Africa, which climaxes with a fundraising show on DR1 on Saturday 6 February.

Airing at 19:00, ‘Danmarks Indsamling 2016’ will screen for six hours, featuring music and light-entertainment performances in a bid to persuade viewers to donate money to African aid causes.