Denmark and Greenland sign new four-part uranium deal

Parliament to vote on aspects of the deal this spring

The Danish government and Greenland have released a press release today confirming their agreement concerning the future mining and exportation of uranium from the Arctic island.

The foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, said the deal sent a strong signal regarding the co-operation between Denmark and Greenland and its Commonwealth in general.

“I am pleased that we have landed four important agreements concerning Denmark and Greenland’s co-operation regarding the mining and exportation,” Jensen said.

“It means that Greenland can continue in it efforts to expand its mining activities, while we adhere to our international duties and ensure that Greenland’s uranium exports live up to the highest possible international standards in terms of the peaceful and civil use of uranium.”

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Four part deal
The four agreements in the uranium deal are:

– a general co-operation agreement regarding the specific foreign, defence and security policy issues related to the mining and exportation of uranium from Greenland

– a joint declaration on safeguarding nuclear materials

– a joint declaration on export control of products and technology that can be used for both civilian and military (dual-use)

– an agreement on Greenland’s safeguarding of nuclear safety in connection with mining

The parliaments in Denmark and Greenland are still to agree on certain aspects of the agreement, such as the safeguarding of nuclear materials. This is expected to take place sometime in early 2016.

Southwest Greenland is estimated to have the world’s largest deposits of uranium.