More younger Danes on cholesterol medication

Twice as many people aged 0-39 being treated compared to ten years ago

In just a decade, the number of younger Danes who take cholesterol-lowering medication has almost doubled, according to new figures from the State Serum Institute (SSI).

The figures showed that 9,911 people aged 0-39 – but primarily aged 20-39 – were medicated a record number of 3.6 million kroner daily doses in 2014. Experts contend that the trend is down to lifestyles.

“We can see that our young people are becoming increasingly immobile,” Mette Rasmussen, a lecturer at the National Institute of Public Health, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“They spend much more time in front of the screen, and that’s one of the areas we see the greatest development – especially in regard to using computers.”

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Lifestyle change
Increased cholesterol is often down to a fatty diet, but some people are more susceptible to getting increased fats in the blood.

A change of diet, quitting smoking, exercise and cholesterol-lowering treatment has been proven to reduce the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.