Swedish train company resumes operations from Denmark

SJ has signed an agreement with Banedanmark to resume services in March

The Swedish train operator SJ will resume services between Denmark and Sweden starting from March 1.

All services offered on its SJ X2000 trains, the direct express route from Copenhagen to Stockholm, were suspended when Sweden introduced ID checks with carrier liability on January 4.

One platform to check them all
SJ has now signed an agreement with the Danish national rail company Banedanmark to carry out the identity checks on a separate platform prior to passengers boarding the train.

“The ID checks will be performed by guards before boarding,” SJ communications head Åsa Larsson told Swedish news service TT.

“The passengers must be at the train 30 minutes before departure.”

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Mikael Damberg , the Swedish industry minister, said he was looking forward to the trains running again.

“Obviously, this has not been an optimal situation,” he said.

“I am very pleased and delighted that SJ has now found a solution.”