‘Antichrist’ too hot for France

February 3rd, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Lars Von Trier’s 2009 film may no longer be shown on French movie screens

There was no danger of Willem Dafoe running out of wood (photo: Antichrist)

Danish director Lars Von Trier’s 2009 film ‘Antichrist’ may no longer be shown in France, a French administrative court has decided.

The film, which won the Nordisk Råd’s Best Nordic picture award in 2009, is about a couple who retreat to the forest following the death of their child, where they endure many strange and frightening experiences. Classified as a horror film, Von Trier’s film contains scenes of extreme violence and hardcore sex, including one that shows an erect penis ejaculating blood.

Not the first time
The court decided that it was all too much for French sensibilities. This is not the first time that someone in France has raised objections to ‘Antichrist’. When it was released in 2009, two Christian organisations said the film was little more than porn and should be restricted to people over 18 years old.

The organisations said that watching the film could actually be harmful. However, the French film authorities at that time set the age limit for seeing ‘Antichrist’ at 16.

The film received mixed reviews when it was shown at Cannes.


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