Exile over, Marius Youbi is all set to return to Denmark

He is expected back in two weeks

The foreign ‘super student’, Marius Youbi, who in January was deported to his native Cameroon for working 16 and a half hours a week at his cleaning job (taking him a hour and a half over the legal limit), is all set to return to Denmark.

Broken system
An engineering student at Aarhus university in Herning, Youbi’s story created a media frenzy when many claimed it shed light on the broken immigration system headed by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

The student, who learned he was to be deported in early January, convinced his university to let him take his exams early. He ended up sitting for three exams in one day with only 48 hours to prepare. The ‘super student’ managed to ace them all, scoring a 12 in each – the Danish equivalent of an A.

The future starts now
Youbi’s exile was short-lived. DR reports he has been offered a full-time job as an engineer with KK Wind Solutions. This will enable him to return to Denmark to finish his studies and work. His visa is valid until 2018 and can be extended if he continues to be employed by a Danish company.

Youbi, who is set to return to Denmark in two weeks, could not be happier or more relieved.

“My future starts now,” he told DR.