Gedser-Rostock ferry cancelled due to unusually low tide

Shifa Rahaman
February 3rd, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

Ferry services are set to resume on Wednesday afternoon

Scandlines cancelled its Tuesday night voyage between Gedser and Rostock due to unusually low ocean tides in the area.

DR reports that all ferries between Gedser and Rostock will remain cancelled until Wednesday afternoon. Aervices are set to resume at 13:30 on Wednesday for ferries leaving Gedser and 15:30 for those leaving Rostock.

In the meantime, Scandlines has advised its passengers to take the ferry between Rødby and Puttgarden instead.

Storm tide
What many are calling the “worst storm since Helga” hit Denmark early on Tuesday, causing disruption to Denmark’s ocean tides. While western Denmark is facing unusually high levels, the tide in the Gedser-Rostock stretch is lower than average.

DMI has predicted that the water level in the area will fall to 79 cm below average this Wednesday morning.


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