Emergency warning issued to residents of Fredericia by South Jutland Police

A palm oil fire could spark more explosions in Fredericia’s port

Following a mysterious tanker explosion late on Wednesday night, which caused a lockdown of Fredericia’s Port, South Jutland Police issued a warning on Twitter to all residents in the area.

Cooking oil fire
BT reported that the explosion generated tremors that could be heard two kilometers away.

The explosion, which was at first suspected to have originated from a tanker carrying liquid fertiliser, was confirmed later to have been the result of a palm oil fire.

Emergency message
The risk of further explosions remains high and South Jutland Police took to Twitter just before midnight on Wednesday to warn residents of the area around the harbour – west of Norgesgade, Nørre Voldgade, Vejlevej, Søndermarksvej and the Snoghøj Landevej/Erritsø Bygade intersection – to remain in their homs and to keep all their doors and windows closed. Residents have also been advised against lingering in rooms that face the harbour.

The police have confirmed they will sound a siren signal when the danger has passed.