Dane arrested in Thailand in raid against elderly bridge players

Lucie Rychla
February 5th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

In total, 32 foreigners were arrested during the anti-gambling raid

A Dane was among 32 foreigners arrested on Wednesday in the Thai resort town of Pattaya during an anti-gambling raid, reports BBC.

A group of elderly bridge players – that also included 12 Brits, three Norwegians, three Swedes, and a German – were arrested for gambling, even though the club’s chairman insisted they were playing for points and not for money.

The players were charged with the possession of too many unregistered playing cards, after the anti-corruption centre received a tip-off.

According to Pattaya One TV, the elderly foreigners broke the 1935 Playing Cards Act that bans individuals from possessing more than 120 playing cards.

Released on bail
All of the players but one were released once they had paid bail of 5,000 baht (about 937 kroner) on Thursday after 12 hours in custody.

One person was not able to pay the bail and remains in prison, according to the local police.

Since seizing power in 2014, Thailand’s military rulers have vowed to crack down on corruption and crime.

According to BBC, the Asian country has strict anti-gambling laws, prohibiting nearly all forms of gambling.


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