Few refugees in Denmark forced home during peace time

Dansk Folkeparti calls for a change to Denmark’s asylum system

Only three people had their residence permits revoked between 2012 and 2015 because the conditions in their home nations had improved, according to the Immigration and Integration Ministry.

Members of the right-wing party Dansk Folkeparti contend that the figures go to show that the Danish asylum system is not working as intended and that a residence permit consisting of a time limit is more appropriate.

But it’s not that simple, according to Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen, a lawyer and immigration law expert.

“What we’ve previously seen in crisis situations around the world is that a violent crisis such as the one in Syria can last for years,” Jacobsen said according to DR Nyheder.

“Even when the crisis is over, you don’t send people home straight away.”

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Time after time
A temporary residence permit can be revoked if the conditions in the person’s homeland is improved. If a person has fled a conflict, the end of the said conflict can be used as a reason to send them back.

As time goes by, however, the person’s connection and bond to Denmark often becomes stronger and stronger.