Always first for chocolaty mixes at the cutting edge of coffee

Enjoy the perfect cuppa at Coffee First

As I entered this little cafe on Gammel Kongevej, there was only one rule: coffee first. I was only too happy to oblige.

The cafe was known as Estate Coffee until January 2015 when two of its former regulars took over the cafe they have always loved.

Machine mad
Sasha and Erlinda offer delectable brews to old and new customers, but remain seriously dedicated to the art of making coffee. Pictures of machines are displayed on the walls, so don’t hesitate to ask about them, as they are more than willing to demonstrate them to you.

They provide freshly-brewed coffee from aromatic coffee beans with the use of modern coffee machine filters like the V60 and AeroPress. The V60, for example, offers a unique design to create a well-balanced brew that makes a wonderful cup of coffee.

Chocolate blends
Coffee First offers a classic menu that consists of the all-time favourites such as espresso, cappuccino and cafe latte, but also many more. What fascinated me the most was their special menu. Their special drinks are blends combining their delicious coffee beans with different types of chocolate produced by a French premium brand called Valrhona. They use the powder for their hot and cold beverages and also sell it in chocolate bars and truffles.

We would be silly if we did not try something from their special menu. So for myself, I chose ‘Cafe Ivoire’ – a blend of coffee, white chocolate and bourbon vanilla.

My friend was a bit more adventurous, opting for ‘Orangutang’ – coffee with a mix of dark orange chocolate and Japanese chilli powder. Quite a weird combination if you ask me. She convinced me to take a sip and when I did, I regretted my first impression straight away. It was nothing like I’ve tried before in a beverage, and the mixture of flavours came together beautifully. I truly enjoyed the creativity and the hint of spice in every sip.



Breakfast choices
We were offered to try one of their tempting breakfast plates. They offer a variety and it all depends on how famished you are on your arrival. For 30 kroner, you can have bread and butter and choose whether you want cheese or egg with it.

For a complete breakfast meal, their third plate is the best choice! It comes with organic bread, egg, ham or sausage, cheese, yoghurt, cereals and marmalade – all for 70 kroner.

Arriving at the cafe with a full stomach, I insisted on just having a croissant to enjoy my cup of coffee with. My companion ordered a big chocolate chip cookie – all for herself. The pastries they serve at the cafe are organic brands such as Brød. They are all freshly delivered, warm, soft and chewy.

Wondrous inside and out
The location is highly convenient as it is situated near many of the city’s touristy spots and workplaces, and also the Lakes. It’s an easy choice to just a grab a cup of coffee and go wherever you like.

The new owners have made use of their small space stylishly, opting for a small bar and monochrome furniture. Colourful coffee cans contrast with the white walls to give the café a homely, inviting feel, while wide glass windows provide an excellent view of the beautiful streets outside.

During the summer, the café tends to launch new delicious mixes of coffee and chocolate sweetness. As a rule, Coffee First makes sure it always brings something new to the table so its customers always have something to look forward to.