Falcon centre on Samsø to train birds of prey to destroy hostile drones

The Dutch Police has released a video showing a trained eagle taking down a drone, and the Danes got inspired

A falcon centre on the Danish island of Samsø is considering training birds of prey to help counter the undesirable use of drones in public spaces, reports DR.

According to Flemming Salomonsen, the owner of the centre, his eagles can destroy flying drones in the air just as well as the one in a video recently released by the Dutch National Police.

Strong talons
In the video, a trained eagle flies at high speed towards a small consumer drone, grabs it in the air with its talons, disables it and carries it off.

“The smallest eagle, we have, has a wingspan of two metres, so it can undoubtedly bring down a drone weighing a few kilos,” Salomonsen told DR.

Security concern
According to Salomonsen, birds of prey  are ” incredibly robust”, so the chances they would get hurt when attacking a drone are almost zero.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, present new security concerns as they sometimes enter prohibited areas, such as airports or private properties.