It promises to be one L of a Super Bowl!

Check out our guide to the best places in town showing the Super Bowl

It’s around this time of year that you’ll notice some of your American friends running around, chanting random species of animals – last year’s seahawks have made way for panthers and a variety of horse that likes to buck.

Don’t play it safe!
Confused? It’s just Super Bowl L, which this year (as its Roman numeral confirms) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Let’s hope it’s one ‘L’ of a game.

So decision time: you can either play a safety and risk walking into an empty office on Monday, or you can touchdown at one of the several exciting venues in Copenhagen showing the game and play it cool the next day in the comfort of your own home, recovering from a night of excess unparalleled in modern sport.

Two familiar foes
This time around, the Carolina Panthers are squaring off against the Denver Broncos, and it’s fair to say that neither are strangers to the Super Bowl, which this year is being contested at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

The Panthers, a franchise side since 1995, made their one and only Super Bowl in 2003, contesting what many consider to be the best of all time, losing 29-32 to the New England Patriots.

The Broncos, in contrast, will be competing in their eighth Super Bowl. Runners-up in 2014 to the aforementioned Seahawks, they have not won the Vince Lombardi Trophy since 1999.

A night of excess
This king of sporting events, which arguably even compares to FIFA’s World Cup Final, is heavily sponsored by companies that want you to sit back and enjoy the show … for hours. Drinking some beer and enjoying a hearty meal is as integral to the experience as staying up for the final quarter.

As sports/entertainment experiences go, it has no equals, with its half-time show as talked about as the main event, if not more so.

Irish Rover
Vimmelskaftet 46, Cph K; 21:00; free adm
The Irish Rover entices you with great promos for its Super Bowl Party. Starting at 21:00, enjoy any of the following: two Budweisers and a Rover Burger for 180kr; one Budweiser and a bowl of nachos for 100kr; two Budweisers + spicy hot wings for 100kr; four Budweisers for 100kr; 10 shots of Fisk for 150kr. Entrance is free, the kitchen is open to 12am, the game will be screened on seven plasma screens, and free merchandise will be handed out by the Budweiser Girls.

Den Glade Gris
Lille Kannikestræde 3, Cph K; 19:30; 510kr,
‘The Happy Pig’ is offering a great night out with beer, friends and, of course, the Super Bowl. An American buffet, sweet ‘n’ smokey BBQ and cheeseburgers will be served at different points during the night.

Lanes & Lounges
Englandsvej 337, Tårnby; 18:00; 279kr, or from Lanes & Lounges
If bowling is your thing, then Lanes & Lounges in Tårnby is offering a great Super Bowl deal. For 279kr you gain entry, free bowling, a huge buffet and a Budweiser delivered personally by the merchandising girls.

At Nordisk Film cinemas
Various cinemas nationwide including Falkoner Biografen & Palads Teatret; 22:30; 125kr,
Immerse yourself into the Super Bowl action at participating Nordisk Film cinemas across the country on Sunday. Book a ticket and get to watch the event on the silver screen.

Cock’s & Cows
Gammel Strand 34, Cph; 22:00; 235kr,
Indulge in a juicy hamburger meal while you’re watching the Super Bowl play out on a TV right in front of you. Book your ticket now to experience the most American way to watch the Super Bowl.

Magrath’s Bar
Østerbrogade 112, Cph Ø; 22:00; sign-up for discounts via
You can get five beers for 100kr or 10 percent off every beer and mixed drink in the bar when you sign up to hang out with young internationals for the Super Bowl via MeetUp. The ever-sexy Budweiser ladies will be making the rounds, selling some amazing deals.

Gul Klud
Kanalvej, Lyngby; 19:30; tickets via
A stomach filled with Doritos and Pepsi is exactly what you’ll have when watching the Super Bowl at Microsoft Lyngby. The Gul Klud is hosting the event with plenty of American food, snacks, drinks and cheerleaders.

Café Nexus
Solbjerg Plads 3, Frederiksberg; 21:30; purchase tickets at
For all you students out there, the CBS Café Nexus is also covering the Super Bowl, with a special deal for a burger, a beer, snacks and unlimited coffee alongside your ticket. Make sure you show up with your student ID though.