Lowest petrol prices in Denmark in years

Low oil prices having an impact

If you’re planning on a road trip in the near future, today would be a good time to fill up the car.

The national car owners’ association FDM has contended the prices will be at their lowest for six years this morning. A litre of Octane 95 unleaded will be around 10.20 kroner, while a litre of diesel is expected to fall as low as 8.39 kroner.

“Fuel prices have been very low recently and they will fall a little more today – actually, they’ll be at their lowest point for years,” said Allan Skytte Christensen, a consumer economist with FDM.

“That’s good news for the many Danes who will be hitting the road for their winter breaks on Friday and Saturday. Filling the car up before 10 this morning will be beneficial. The prices will then jump up before dropping steadily again over the course of the day.”

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Competition=low prices
Christensen said the prices would be most advantageous where there is a lot of competition, such as in cities or on entrance roads to cities.

Christensen contended that the fall in petrol prices is largely down to the low oil prices at the moment.