Young Danes ‘do it’ on the first date

Expert warns of dishonest dating market

If you’re going on a first date with a Dane under 30 this weekend, there is a decent chance that you might get more than a nice dinner and some pleasant conversation.

A new YouGov survey on behalf of Metroxpress newspaper showed that 40 percent of Danes aged 18-29 have had sex on a first date. 41 percent said they hadn’t while 13 percent said they’d never been on a date.

Maj Mismann, a sexologist and relationship therapist, actually expected the number of Danes with first-date sex experience to be higher and that doing so can have consequences.

“If you’re the type who becomes morose when you’ve had sex with your date and the person doesn’t wish to see you again, then perhaps you shouldn’t engage in that,” Mismann told Metroxpress.

“There is a lot of dishonesty in the dating market and that complicates matters. You can’t always discern whether someone wants to have sex because they like you or because they just crave sex.”

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Taking it slow
Mismann admitted that sex on a first date could develop into a relationship but fewer feelings were generally hurt by taking it slow.

Back to the survey, 2 percent said that they didn’t know if they had ended up in the sack on a first date, while 3 percent said they didn’t want to participate in the survey.