Out and About: Breathing life into the Aalborg Music Festival

This year, Denmark was treated to the annual Aalborg Music Festival. Two groups from the Ishøj Ungdomsskole and Brønderslev worked together to make the event come to life (bottom left), and they ended up having a ton of fun in the process. They supported one another and practised together for several months to bring their bands and musical performances to the stage.

The performances from Brønderslev featured four acts: Teen Spirit; World Class (featuring Batoul, Naji, Dianah, and Desange); rap duo T-Dollar and Mohammed Arag; and Alex from the Congo.

From Ishøj came the rap group Young Mob, Lucky 69, Mikkel Dahl, as well as DJ Reas and DJ Cheddar Schreddar. The standout performance from Ishøj was given by Frankie Boy and his guest artist Viktorija Vysniauskaite (AKA ‘Cherry’).

But if you missed it, don’t worry as it was filmed. Check out the video on Ungdoms Kulturhuset’s YouTube channel.

Thankfully, everybody could relax and hang out together afterwards (bottom right).

Thanks to the producer, Pavelas Rodevicius, the show was a success! They hope to see everybody at next year’s production.