School News in Brief: Case competition rise

More companies and educational institutions are using case competitions to find the best candidates, reports Politiken. The competitions enable students to prove themselves by solving specific business challenges. First introduced by CBS in 2002, they have become more popular since the financial crisis. However, the national student union warns they contribute to a high-performance culture.
Cheating students
A study of 218 upper-secondary schools by the Education Ministry reveals that 143 students were ejected from exams in the 2014-15 academic year due to cheating, reports Metroxpress. Another 329 were ‘suspected’ of cheating. Ellen Trane Nørby, the education minister, told the paper her ministry will launch initiatives to combat the practice. “It is a concern I take seriously,” she said.
More schools on shelves
Just like Dansk Supermarked (DS), fellow supermarket owner Coop is launching an education course in co-operation with a vocational school, reports DR. At Zealand Business School in Roskilde, Coop plans to annually train 100 bakers and butchers. Meanwhile, fashion store Bestseller will run a fashion/retail course at Viden Djurs in Grenaa – the same college DS’s course is based at.
CIS to stage concert
Students and staff from Copenhagen International School are staging a fundraising concert on March 9 at the city campus for Doctors without Borders, an international humanitarian organisation. The proceeds will specifically fund three rescue boats in the Mediterranean to aid refugees. “The refugee crisis needs all the support it can get,” explained Holm Lamp, one of the student organisers. (Haley Seikaly)