MalmöHus Castle: The Virtual Tour

Malmo city is gearing up to brand the place as weekend destination for travelers)

Department of Culture in Malmö and Expedia Sweden joins together to build a virtual tour of “Malmöhus Castle” in December 2015. Virtual Tour is accessible from anywhere in the world using any smart phone, or tablet.

The virtual tour is the first of the kind, using audiovisual experiences with street view features. By using a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, anybody will be able to go on a virtual tour around the museum’s royal rooms and exhibitions, and learn more about how Malmöhus went from being a Danish mint and royal palace to becoming a Swedish corrective prison, safe haven for Nazi concentration camp survivors and in the end, a museum.

Nick Marinkovich employee of Expedia, born and raised in Malmo, but currently based in London has coordinated the collaboration between Department of Culture in Malmo and Expedia Sweden to build this service in less than eight months. The service is free for all public on all platforms.

“Malmo city is gearing up to brand the place as (Weekend Destination for Travelers) and such tours will create a more meaningful and long lasting memories to the tourists”, expressed by Nick.

Since the launch of the tour, from December 2015 a lot of international people had shown great feedback from the service, the virtual tour is accessible in both English and Swedish languages. This is a fully interactive tour that work in many great ways for learning history  through fun and sharing it with your friends and family, anywhere in the world at a real time.

Nick assures that, the virtual tour is “an educational piece where you can learn about Malmöhus Castle and its history by clicking on displayed items and listening to the audio tour from the comfort of your sofa in an order that pleases you”.

This is the link to the Virtual Tour, click here and enjoy the journey.