Danes believe another terror attack in Denmark is likely

Despite the fear, most continue to live their lives as normal

A year after the Copenhagen terror attacks, every third Dane believes another such incident will take place in Denmark this year, according to a survey carried out by YouGov for Metroxpress.

Of the 1,006 people that YouGov interviewed, some 39 percent fear another terror attack might take place in Denmark, while 32 percent believe it will happen again in 2016.

Illogical fear
Henrik Lyng, a crisis psychologist at the Centre of Preparedness Psychology, said the results suggest Danes have realised they are not safe just because they live in a small country such as Denmark.

“The statistical risk of dying in a terrorist attack is very small. Therefore, it is illogical that we fear it,” Lyng told Metroxpress.

“But fear is often irrational and illogical.”

Despite fearing another terror attack, most respondents said they continued to use public spaces, such as shopping malls, and to go to events attended by large groups of people.