Danish winter holiday weather: Sunny but cold

Those who didn’t get out of town will need to find ways to stay warm

Many people, especially school children, have this week off for the winter holidays. Those who did not escape for a ski holiday or head down south for some sun will experience a textbook winter week here at home.

“Overall, it will be a typical winter week,”  DMI meteorologist Lars Henriksen told BT.

“Temperatures will be between zero and four degrees during the day.”

Frosty nights
Henriksen said the weather should be mostly dry, with sunshine peeking through in most places all week long, but night-time temperatures could get pretty chilly.

“It will be below zero at night for most of the week before some new weather fronts move in and maybe warm things up later in the week,’ he said.

Frozen footballers
Henriksen advised football fans planning on attending the Europa League match between FC Midtjylland and Manchester United in Herning on Thursday night to dress warmly.

“Right now, it looks like the weather will be cold and dry in Herning on Thursday night, with temperatures right around zero,” he said.