Online classifieds newspaper warns against scam emails and texts

Don’t be fooled by tricksters asking for info, warns Den Blå Avis

Online classifieds newspaper Den Blå Avis (DBA) is warning users that crooks are sending out fake emails and text messages asking customers to update their login information and credit card details.

“Right now we are seeing an increase in incidents of fraudsters abusing the DBA’s name and logo in an attempt to gain access to our user’s personal information,” DBA customer service head Lene Kristensen told DR Nyheder.

Not just big companies anymore
Kristensen said that DBA never sends text messages to its users, which means all such texts have been sent by crooks.

Other organisations have recently experienced problems with similar scams. Eldercare support group Ældresagen was hit by scammers in November.

CSIS IT security expert Peter Kruse said that these types of scams are no longer limited to large entities like Nordea or tax administrator SKAT.

Keep yourself to yourself
“There has been a shift,” said Kruse. “Now regional brands like DBA and airlines and hotels that offer points are being hit.”

Kruse advised people to never respond to online requests for usernames and passwords.