Reports of radical Muslims at Danish asylum centres

Immigration Service has received warnings that radical sympathisers may be hiding among centre populations

In the wake of the November terrorist attacks in Paris, the Immigration Service commissioned a report on troubling conditions at the nation’s asylum centres, which has now been submitted.

It mentions five possible cases of radical behaviour among asylum-seekers in which individuals or groups have exhibited sympathy for terrorist groups or incidents.

“Just one is one too many,” Inger Støjberg, the immigration and integration minister, told DR Nyheder. “We must be extremely attentive at all times.”

Machine guns and sympathy
Asylum centres must report it to the Immigration Service if asylum-seekers exhibit any radical behaviour.

The reports included information on a man that expressed sympathy for the terrorist group Islamic State, and a picture of an asylum-seeker posing with a machine gun whose family expressed sympathy for Islamic State and Sharia law.

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The reports have been compiled by AsylSyd, which operates a number of asylum centres in south Jutland.