17-year-old escapes from Birkerød Prison

The Moroccan youth, who was convicted on theft-related charges, is not believed to be dangerous

A 17-year-old Moroccan boy escaped from Ellebæk Prison in Birkerød on Tuesday night, reports Metroxpress.

Police described the escape attempt as spontaneous and added they do not believe the boy is dangerous.

Escape from Ellebæk
A large police force is now out combing the area for the escapee.

The exact circumstances of his escape remain unknown. However, Peter Olesen, the police chief for North Zealand Police, told media the boy managed to scamper over the fence and make a run for it.

“He managed to climb over the fence, climb the barbed wire and escape,” he said.

Out in the cold
Police also added there were indications that the escape attempt was spontaneous as the convict escaped without his coat on.

In addition, he lost one of his shoes as he climbed over the fence and lost the other when he was over on the other side,” said the officer on duty.

The boy, who was taken into custody on theft-related charges, is believed to be harmless. However, police warned locals not to make contact with him in case he is spotted.

“You should not contact him if you see him, only call us,” said Olesen.

The boy is 172 centimetres tall and of a slim build. He has short black hair, brown eyes and probably a beard.