Danish cafes saying no to laptops

Laptop customers take up more space and purchase less

More and more cafes in Denmark are banning their guests from using their laptops while sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee.

The cafes – which include Copenhagen joints such as The Laundromat Cafe and Paludan – cite that customers who are on their laptops generally take up more space and purchase less.

However, most bans will not be in force during the daytime.

“We will soon ban people from using their laptops after 18:00,” Søren Weikop, the head of the bar at Paludan, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“We make money on people coming here to eat, and we want as many people as possible moving through the system.”

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No law against it
According to consumer organisation Tænk, there are no rules on the laptop situation, so it is up to cafe owners to make the rules.

The only thing Tænk would demand is that they put up clear signs that make customers aware of it.