Bizarre Danish human trafficking and blackmail case

A man is believed to have forced a woman to have sex with more than 100 men so he could then blackmail them

A 36-year-old man from Bording is currently in custody in the central Jutland town of Viborg where he allegedly faces charges in connection with forcing a woman to have sex with 100 men and then blackmailing the customers.

There are reportedly two other men involved in the case – one of whom is still at large.

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The man is alleged to have forced the woman to have sex with the men, after which he told them he would go to their families and tell them that they had been consorting with prostitutes if they did not give him cash.

Cops say come clean
At least two family men were blackmailed after visiting the brothel in the centre of Silkeborg. One of them told police he was forced to pay over 5,000 kroner.

Police say that more men have also been blackmailed.

“We know that it is a delicate  situation, but it is important to the investigation that you contact the police if you have been blackmailed,” local police commissioner Bent Riber Nielsen told Midtjyllands Avis.