Muslim school in Copenhagen discouraging girls from having boyfriends

School psychologist claims it is the will of God

The school psychologist at Iqra, a private Muslim school in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro, is discouraging female students from having boyfriends.

According to the psychologist Amina Djondjorova, it is the will of God that young girls should not have boyfriends and engage in sexual relations.

Stop the money flow
As a friskole, Iqra annually receives funds from the state – 73 percent of their costs – and Lars Aslan Rasmussen, the spokesman for Socialdemokraterne, has called on the Education Ministry to stop the financial support immediately.

“I hope the Education Ministry will take this matter very seriously,” Rasmussen, who has called the psychologist’s opinions “insane”, told Radio24syv.

“Most of the school’s grants are paid by Danish taxpayers, so there must, of course, be consequences.”

It’s for the best
Djondjorova maintains that girls should not have sexual relationships with boys if there is no prospect of marriage.

“Adhering to the rules of Islam can be difficult in a society in which they [the pupils] see others living in a different way,” Djondjorova told Radio24syv.

Nevertheless, we try to tell them that it’s for the best to refrain from having a love affair.”

The legal age of consent for sexual activity in Denmark is 15.