City Hall approves new Tivoli ride

Fatamorgana to dazzle tourists for the first time this summer

Copenhagen Municipality has given the thumbs up for the construction of Tivoli’s new attraction Fatamorgana.

The construction plans had been put on hold because the amusement park lacked the necessary building permits.

“We are satisfied that we can now finish the ride and we look forward to welcoming our guests to new experiences in Tivoli,” Torben Plank, Tivoli’s head of communications, told

“Right now we are going full speed ahead, so we hope to get Fatamorgana ready fro Tivoli’s summer season on April 6.

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Put on hold
On January 20, Tivoli received an order from Copenhagen Municipality to stop the construction work because the environmental impact of the new ride has not yet been established. Those fears have now been laid to rest.

Fatamorgana is a 45-metre tall tower that combines three rides in one and is expected to cost 50 million kroner.