Majority of Danish women have been groped during a night out

70 percent of women aged 18-29 have been ass-grabbed in town

If you’re a young woman in Denmark, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve experienced being groped in some shape or form on a night out.

A new YouGov survey for Metroxpress showed that seven out of ten young women aged 18-29 had been groped against their will in town.

“It’s concerning that it’s basically par for the course when women hit the town,” Helena G Hansen, a spokesperson for women’s rights organisation Dansk Kvindesamfund, told the newspaper.

“If you speak up about it, you’re either not believed, made fun of or simply told to just accept it as a compliment.

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Hands off!
Hansen contended that being groped was one of the most intimidating and degrading things a woman could experience.

The survey also revealed that of the 70 percent who had been groped during a night out, 89 percent didn’t like it.