Danish companies eyeing Finnish boom

Huge construction and development plans in the works

Finland is current enjoying a boom in its construction sector with both new hospitals and residential buildings on the drawing board.

The boom is something that Danish companies should be getting involved with, according to Denmark’s ambassador to Finland, Jette Norddam.

“There are 16 hospitals to be built or renovated, and that’s an area in which Denmark excels,” Norddam told DR Nyheder. “It could be within construction, renovating property, the health sector or public buildings.”

“We want to see even more [Danish companies in Finland]. There are many companies which haven’t realised the Finnish potential. Even though the Finns are struggling with a bad economy at the moment, there is still plenty going on.”

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Overcoming barriers
In the coming years, some 30,000 houses and apartments are expected to be built annually in Finland, as well as a number of public construction and renovation projects.

Norddam pointed to language barriers and a difficulty in assessing the projects and needs in Finland as the main issues for Danish companies eyeing the Finnish market, things that she said the Danish embassy can help with.

There are already 220 Danish companies that have established themselves in the Finland.