Agriculture minister under pressure as new package endangers Blue Bloc majority

Konservative party has lost confidence in the food and environment minister, Eva Kjer Hansen

Last night was one of the more dramatic in recent memory as the prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, called the blue bloc to a crisis meeting to see if the government still had a majority.

The news came after the Konservative party announced it had lost confidence in the food and environment minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, following the release of the government’s agriculture package this week.

“The minister has given the public the impression that the environmental aspect of the agriculture package is better than it actually is,” said Søren Pape Poulsen, the head of Konservative.

“We can conclude the minister has not given a true image of the consequences of the package. The minister has not lived up to her responsibility, and despite us letting her know several times, the minister has failed to correct it. Therefore, we no longer have any confidence in the minister.”

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Waiting for Løkke
The statement prompted Rasmussen to call together blue bloc representatives to a meeting that lasted about three hours and ended just before midnight. But he has yet to announce his plans regarding Hansen.

Fellow blue bloc members Dansk Folkeparti and Liberal Alliance have both criticised Konservative’s handling of the case.