Government isolating radicalised prisoners

Authorities also getting boost in terms of the exchange of information

Parliament has passed two laws aimed at curbing radicalisation at Danish prisons, according to the Justice Ministry.

In future, the authorities will be able to isolate radicalised prisoners from other prisoners, while the ability to exchange information has also been enhanced.

“Inmates with extreme views shouldn’t have the opportunity to influence other inmates to commit violent extremism,” said Søren Pind, the justice minister.

“The Danish prisons must not become places where extremists are free to spread their radicalised convictions.”

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Lessons from terror attack
The two laws regarding radicalisation come in the wake of a number of lessons learnt from the terror attack in Copenhagen last year.

Furthermore, the existing agreement concerning the finances for the Prison Services is due to expire this year and the forthcoming negotiations of a new agreement is expected to yield elements regarding tackling radicalisation.

A report from early last year showed that one fifth of Danish jihadists had been to prison.