Paid parking zone in Copenhagen to be expanded

Nordvest, Valby and Østerbro to be affected

For those who have enjoyed free parking in Nordvest, Valby and parts of Østerbro, there is bad news on the horizon.

The city’s environment and technical committee Miljø- og Teknikudvalget decided earlier this week to add a new ‘yellow zone’ to the paid parking area in the city. The new zone will border the current blue zone and stretch from Østerbro to Nordvest and Nørrebro and also include part of Valby.

“The aim is to get fewer commuters to take the car to Copenhagen before taking the bus, train or Metro on to work,” Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“It would be great if they parked their cars outside Copenhagen. That will generate more space for the citizens and reduce congestion in the city.”

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Prices going up
The hourly parking rate for the yellow zone will be 9 kroner during the day and evening hours and 2 kroner at night. Residents in those areas will have the option of purchasing an annual licence, as is the case in the current city parking zones.

People parking in the already established blue and green zones will also notice a difference in price soon.

The hourly rate in the blue zone will be increased from 11 to 13 kroner in the evenings and from 3 to 5 kroner at night, while the rate in the green zone will go up from 18 to 19 kroner during the day, 11 to 13 kroner during the evening and 3 to 5 kroner at night.

Below: Østerbro


Below: Nørrebro and Nordvest

nørrebro and nordvest

Below: Valby