Paradis waits for he who comes: grab two scoops of ice-cream for free!

And enjoy the sunny weekend weather

Danish ice-cream retailer Paradis is reopening its stores tomorrow to mark the end of the winter break, offering two scoops of complimentary ice-cream to everyone between 10 am and 2 pm.

Besides the two free scoops, customers can buy an extra ‘kugle’ for only 8 kroner at the selected stores (see below).

Paradis opened its first ice-cream parlour in 2000 in Aarhus, and today, the company runs around 50 stores, including five in Los Angeles.

Sunny weather
Meanwhile, the Danish meteorologists promise the weekend weather will be mostly sunny, with clear skies and day temperatures of about 5 degrees Celsius.

“It will be a really nice weather to spend time outdoors this weekend,” meteorologists Frank Nielsen told Metroxpress.

However, the nights will remain chilly and temperatures will drop down to between minus two and five degrees.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully as there may be ice on the roads.