Ask Shariananda: Nurturing for the soul

Many people come to holistic fairs seeking answers and healing. But while fairs like the recently-held ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ in Frederiksberg will give you a proper introduction to mystical practices – be it products, music, jewellery, crystals, meditation or yoga – that is only the proverbial tip of the

I receive messages
What ails somebody can only really be identified in a soul-to-soul reading with a gifted clairvoyant or Reiki healer.  But be warned, techniques vary, and results too.

Some people are soul-sick from being unemployed, others from lost romances or a bereavement, often because they have no hope or guiding belief system. I attend to their needs as a medium and an oracle, meaning I receive messages through impressions, colours, sounds, voices, and visions. I even read the thoughts of others with my fingertips, occasionally with cards.

I stand for the GOOD and I try to advise with the best outcome for all involved. My gifts surprise me, but in any way I can, I use them for God’s glory and helping others to find strength, courage and a way out of  pain and darkness. I draw on several religious and spiritual traditions, but I am a Christian.

Pencil in October
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Questions & Answers
Don’t know who to turn to? Ask Shari! Let’s see what’s in the mail bag today.

Stuck in a rut
Q: I recently read an article about mental illness and found out that I am co-dependent. Because of this problem, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to accept the past and move forward. I know that if I don’t change I will cause harm to myself (I’ve tried before), or worse to others. I want to get counselling, but don’t have a lot of money and don’t know how or where to get help. What should I do? – Barbara
A: I understand, as I was for a long time under therapeutic care, occasionally medicated. But it gets old. I realised I could tell myself this sad and unproductive story until the end of my days ,but it wouldn’t undo the past nor give me the energy to have a fulfilling life. I recommend you find your nearest transcendental meditation (TM) centre. Remember, TM is not a religion. It is a discipline of the mind and soul. It’s easy and takes 20 minutes twice day. You’ll see. It’s easy. Finally, know that you are already on the road to healing. You have reached out to a fellow traveler as you pass along and she knows some of the way, but your path is your own. You just need to give up the negative self-talk and reprogram yourself for peace and self-knowledge. The rest will come. Be blessed. God loves you and I love you, too.

A spell on you
Q: It’s rumoured that a women I know put a spell on her sister-in-law, who subsequently died. She denies it, but I remember once how she told me one of her uncles stomped on a voodoo doll to wish death on someone he didn’t like and that person died shortly afterwards – within two weeks.  Do you think it’s possible that spells can hurt people in serious ways? – Monica
A: It is possible. But a person who succumbs to a spell has to share the spell caster’s beliefs and be without spiritual protection. None of us come to the earth without a guardian angel. We also have the unseen forces of heaven directing us when we love God and seek to do his will. If you are a Christian, then trust that you do not inherit demonology. So, it is best when we stay clear of superstitious talk and of gossip and rumor about voodoo dolls and spells. It opens a window for us to be ensnared ourselves. I suggest you pray for Esther and clear your own aura with a nice epsom salts bath. Carry the 23rd Psalm with you or say it often within yourself. This way, the fears, suspicions and doubts seeking to engage your mind will be defeated. Do not allow a door to these thoughts. You cannot serve God and Mammon.

Now or never?
Q: I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend Abe over a year now. My date of birth is 9 October 1996 and his date of birth is 16 February 1990. Lately things have fizzled out and I feel like we’re growing apart. Everything feels so casual and cold between us. It’s gone downhill. One of the reasons is because I found out he’s been cheating on me. Where do you see our relationship heading in the next few months? – Bettina
A: When young women write me and ask where do I see things going in the wake of their loved one being disloyal, I feel so sorry for them. It’s as if they have no will or power or judgment of their own. I ask myself why such a young woman would you want such a man after such a blatant betrayal? I do not wish to hurt you, but you hurt yourself by longing for some miracle reunion when you deserve true and respectful love. Will you trust me enough to understand that you will heal and that greater and better love will come to you? I know. I know you say when? But you’ll need time to absorb the importance of this lesson of love, and to recognise your strength and growth. When you are ready, your new love will come again and bring his best traits plus what you do not expect as great joy. For now, redirect yourself  to your talents, or hobbies. Be well.