Denmark aiming for UN Human Rights Council position

Kristian Jensen in Geneva to announce the candidacy

The foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, is currently in Geneva to boost Denmark’s chances to be elected onto the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the first time.

There are three vacant positions up for grabs in the UNHRC – which is made up of 47 member states – and Denmark is in stiff competition with Austria, Italy and Greece.

“One must never take a UN election for granted and you have to work for it,” said Jensen.

“I will appeal to UN’s member states regarding Danish efforts for women’s rights and our fight against torture. And I will alert them to the fact that we [Denmark] were very active in the establishment of the UNHRC ten years ago, but that Denmark has never had a place on the council.”

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Late 2018 elections
Jensen has plenty of time to push Denmark’s stock in the UN. The UNHRC election won’t take place until November 2018 and should it be successful, Denmark would have a seat guaranteed on the council from 2019-2021.

Current UN member states that are part of the UNHRC include China, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Russia, France, Germany and South Korea, to mention a few.

Denmark’s candidacy launch occurs in connection with the council’s 31st session this week.