High number of Asians traveling Skåne

The recent data released by the Skåne Tourists authourities, shows a positive news for the businesses and the society for having a record number of tourists coming to visit Skåne. In November, 2015 alone, number of tourists had registered more guest nights booked in hotels compared to the entire year in 2014.

Tourists from India

The rate of rising percentage of tourists from India with about 9,000 more guest nights than in 2014 to Skåne, mostly visiting Lund, but also Malmö and Helsingborg from meager thousand a year is significant rise.

– A likely explanation for the significant increase from India are Indian Tech Mahindra’s acquisition of Sony Mobile’s test lab in Lund, says Pia Jönsson Rajgård, CEO of Tourism in Skåne.


Chinese tourists on tour

The Chinese guest nights in Skåne have also increased by about 70 percent in 2015. In Sweden, a total corresponding figure is almost half as high.Virtually all Chinese guest nights has been in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg.

One factor contributing to the surge of Chinese guest nights is the charter which was launched by the Chinese travel company Caissa 2015. During September and October, travelers from Beijing and Hangzhou landed in Copenhagen and then go on a tour of Sweden. A total of over 3000 guest nights in Sweden, of which 20-25 percent in Skåne.

Other Nationals Traveling to Skåne

Among the foreign visitors in Skåne, Germans are still in the first place, who are touring the region more than others, however recent trends shows that rising numbers of Danes are also traveling north towards Swedish towns around Skåne. Other fast-growing markets further afield, such as China and India.

Tourism in Skåne participated together with Visit Sweden in joint campaigns for charter in radio, newspapers, social media and through events. In all packages included city tour in Malmo, cycling on Ven, visits to Söderåsen National Park and Sofiero Castle and Garden.

Tourism in Skåne AB is owned by Business Region Skåne AB, which in turn is owned by Region Skåne (85 percent) and the Skåne Association of Local (15 percent).