Denmark extends close association with African Development Bank

Foreign minister reveals new strategy regarding Denmark’s role in Africa

The Foreign Ministry has unveiled a new strategy regarding Denmark’s role in Africa in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Denmark will focus in particular on AfDB continuing to lead efforts aimed at attaining sustainable growth and working to promote stability in fragile regions. Other areas of focus include good governance, curbing corruption and women’s rights.

“I’ve witnessed the continent’s challenges first hand, including massive poverty, a lack of opportunity for young people and their subsequent migration towards Europe,” said Kristian Jensen, the foreign minister.

“Africa needs better options and AfDB plays an important role in terms of generating long-term development and tackling the underlying reasons for people migrating to Europe.”

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Prioritising Africa
Jensen has travelled to Africa four times (visiting Kenya, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, Mali and Ethiopia) over the past three months and Denmark’s contribution to AfDB from 2014-2016 stands at 630 million kroner.

The framework for Denmark’s new strategy (here in English) in co-operation with AfDB will last from 2016-2019.